1 year ago

14 October, 2016

International Student Lounge

Organised by:
Taiwanese Student Association

Hello all the TSA boys and girls!!! How is everyone doing? Hope you all survive the assignments and looking forward to the coming week because TSA IS BACK!!!! And this time we are bringing the SOCIAL POOL AND POOL COMPETITION to the International Student Lounge at USYD main campus, feeling excited isn’t it? Anyway, if you wanna sign up for the competition, please click the link below and put down all the information required:
*For all the participants of the competition, please try your best to arrive at the pool table by 3 PM

If you are not into the competition or just wanna chill out and have a good Friday afternoon, feel free to come along and play with our committee members. 3 tables will ba allocated to people who are not joining the competition and just wanna play pool for fun and make new friends or potential boy/girlfriend !!! Foods and Drinks will be provided there, so don’t worry if you get hungry ~~

Important information:

Sign up fee for competition
TSA or Access members: $2
Non-members: $6
*Note: Please remember to bring the money on the day of competition, and it is better if you can bring the exact amount.

Location: International Student Lounge at USYD
Time: Friday of Week 11 (14,10,2016) from 3:00PM~6:00PM

And that is pretty much all you need to know, enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thank you very much for your attention, see you guys on Friday!!

Hello 同學們大家好,各位都過得還好嗎? 希望大家都已經熬過了艱難的ASSIGNMENT, 然後進入放鬆模式因為下個周五,(10月14號) TSA將會舉辦我們一年一度的撞球比賽跟社交撞球 !!!! 如果你想參加比賽的話,報名表的連結就在下面:

當然如果你不想參加比賽的話,沒關係,因為我們到時還會有三桌是讓想要來玩玩並交朋友的同學們,而且到時還會有食物跟飲料喔!!! 所以如果你中餐沒吃飽,到時就來吃吃東西順便交交朋友吧 哈哈!!!

其他所有重要的資訊都在上面英文部分說了喔 (時間地點,報名費等等) 我就不再說一次囉~~

我要說的大概就這些囉,但最重要的是,同學們一定要帶著愉快的心情參加活動喔!!! 不然看到你們不開心會長大人也會好難過喔~~哈哈, 大家記得都要揪上你們的兄弟姊妹親朋好友一起來參加喔!!!!!!我們下周五不見不散!!!!!!!!!