1 year ago

27 August, 2016

Clarence Aquatic Centre YMCA

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Underwater Scuba Diving

The Tas Uni Dive Club is partnering with Southern Tas Divers to organise a “Try Dive” day for anyone interested in trying scuba diving, we're also going to run some 'underwater competitions' for certified divers.

All participates will need to pay for their own pool entry (approx. $6) - thats it just six bucks!

Try Dive:
If you are interested or know someone that is please invite them! You don't even need to have snorkeled before -all skills required will be taught on the day (It is preferable to have some basic confidence in the water though!) We'll go over the equipment you'll use, learn to breathe underwater, have a bit of fun swimming around and information on 'where to next' if you'd like to get certified.

Equipment supplied includes Tanks, Regs, BCDS, Fins, masks, snorkels and the fantastic instructors.

You will need to bring along something to swim in (suggestion board shorts and a rashy/tee shirt or a 3mm wetsuit).
Don't forget a sense of adventure!

Underwater Competitions:
For our certified divers we'll runs some tasks to practice and improve your scuba diving technique. Come along to test your buoyancy by swimming through a long tunnel made of hoops suspended in mid-water, speed at removing scuba gear, breathing from alternate air source while swimming, switching mask and surface swim (with weight). These are put together for a competition to see who is the TUDC best diver!