2 years ago

17 October, 2015

Cosy Corner North Bay Of Fires

Organised by:
Underwater Scuba Diving

TUDC will be heading to Cosy Corner in the bay of fires to try our hand at a camping trip. The plan is to conduct 3 shore dives, first on the Saturday Afternoon when everyone has arrived, a night dive Saturday night and one Sunday Morning before everyone leaves. There is plenty of room at the camp grounds so we should be able to find an area big enough for everyone. Family and Friends are welcome as well to help provide some atmosphere around the camp fire.

Meeting time will be lunch time on the Saturday at the Cosy Corner camp grounds. The camp site has basic facilities but you will need to bring food, water (alcohol), tent/swag, toilet paper and any other items you may need to camp.

$35 for the trip and we will be brining a compressor to top the tanks off during the stay.

Any other questions call into the sheds on a Thursday night or send us an email

PS. If you require a lift or maybe some camp gear don’t be afraid to ask.
Recommend also bringing your fishing gear/catch bags