2 years ago

5 March, 2016

Franklin Wharf

Organised by:
Underwater Scuba Diving

Removing bikes, chairs, car batteries, the odd witches hat, shopping trollies, wallets, phones, sunglasses is all part and parcel of a Clean-up Dive at Constitution Docks! These things find their way into the water during the year but particularly during the festivities over Christmas and New Year; this dive always produces a big haul.
For the last two years, our club conservation initiatives have worked with to NRM funded projects: the “Kingborough Alliance” and “Marina Debria”. Thanks to all of our efforts we managed to collect approximately 10 cubic meters of waste, increase collaboration and prevented waste entering the marine environment.
This year we have a BIG event running - our friends at Tassal are providing a crane boat for lifting large items, Veolia are providing skip bins, NRM South and Sustainable Living Kingston displaying our data, and the team at Redmap have generously donated a few on-the spot prizes!
We will also have a tent showing a short film showcasing a start-up for an epic cool marine bin!
Newspapers and TV reporters, Togatus and UTas Media will also be there being snap happy; we stand to see our mugs pop up around the place – the more exposure we can get the better!
This is a no-cost event; we need all the divers and surface support we can get, to make the best difference we can! We are organizing free transport for Northern members to come down for the day! Register here: