2 years ago

7 May, 2016

Eight Oh Eight

Organised by:
Medical Students Society

If your childhood dreams have been squashed by Med school, If you would rather be staring out a cockpit than down a microscope, or if you dream of breaking in stallions bareback instead of breaking down the determinants of health then this years MedParty is for you. TUMSS invites you to attend our annual MedParty and this year the theme is “What I would be if I wasn’t in Med School”. Now is your chance to live out your wildest fantasies!

Tickets: $20 online OR $25 at the door for drinks
(includes entry and 2 drinks + 1 shot)
Or $15 non-drinking package
Ticket link: http://www.tumss.org.au/?product=medparty-2016

Apartment 808 has hooked us up with great drink deals for the night! Get ready to enjoy:
$5 Beers and Ciders
$5 Vodka Red Bulls + Vodka mixers
$3 Shots
Not to mention the delightful DJ Sexy Luci from our Barrel will be laying down tunes all night, so be sure to not leave pre's at 9pm! Come down early and party hard for our last event for the semester!

**Disclaimer: This party is not just for Med Students. If you have made better life choices then please come and show us up!