1 year ago

6 August, 2016

Pact Theatre

Organised by:
Musical Theatre Ensemble

Hello! Our dramatic siblings over at SUD'S are putting on their major production Black Hands/Dead Section!
Start your Semester 2 off by joining your MUSE Mates for a fab evening. We'll grab some drinks, see a show, meet some friends and support the performing arts!

For a more detailed description of the show, including a complete cast and production team list, please visit the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1194177560612526/

' “Fucking and shooting are the same thing.”

Berlin, 2nd June, 1967. A student protest turns violent, and a student is shot and killed. The next ten years become a cycle of escalating violence; bombings, state brutality, murder, and psychological warfare, ending in 1977 with a plane hijacking and a stand off between the State and the student terrorists.

Black Hands/Dead Section follows the rise and fall of the infamous Baader Meinhof gang, and the personal and political consequences of fighting violence with violence.

CW: violence, psychological trauma, references to suicide '

This MUSE ATTENDS will be happening on Saturday the 6th August (next week, whoo!).

If you wish to lock in a ticket then fill in the following form ASAP:

Then transfer to the following bank details:
Rielly Jane Dickson
BSB: 062-175
ACCOUNT: 1006-0430

Make sure you include your name so I know who has paid!

The form needs to be filled out by the 8th of August! So get booking :) Any questions or concerns feel free to message me or email me on rielly.dickson@museatuysd.com