2 years ago

2 May, 2016

Sydney University Law Revue

Organised by:
Sydney University Law Revue Society

Following a bizarre groundswell of popular support that no one understands but everyone enjoys feeling superior to, Donald Trump has ascended to a new and alarming position of authority. The producers of the Sydney Law Revue today announced Trump would direct the 2016 show, attached is his successful application:

“This is going to be so great, so witty so clever. I’m going to make the show so funny you can’t even imagine how wonderful it’s going to be. You know this revue used to be so great! Remember the KKK skit in 2014? I endorse that – but now law revue’s gone soft, I don’t want a show for losers, it’s time for rebirth.

How am I going to do that? You think I don’t know funny? I am so funny, I am hilarious – I invented most jokes – my presidential campaign has shown no one can provide material for a topical satire show quite like me.

Science Revue, Arts Revue, Commerce Revue, don’t get me wrong, I love them all, but they are dangerous, blood-thirsty criminals and I will make them pay to build a wall through the Seymour Centre.”

If you want to be part of a show with as much credibility as Trump University, as much mainstream appeal as Ted Cruz and as much desire to take down its targets as Sarah Palin at a Bernie Sanders rally then audition for the cast of the Sydney Law Revue.


When and where should I turn up?
6pm outside the Law Lounge on ONE of the nights they are being held (Monday, Tuesday OR Wednesday of Week 9). Or come each night in a different disguise to maximise your chances.

What should I wear?
Anything really – you do you. But maybe do you in something you can dance in (definitely no wrong way that sentence can be read).

How does the audition process work?
There are 20 contestants vying for the love of one person, and at the end, only one person will get the rose… wait… that’s the Bachelor. Auditioning for law revue is really simple and fun. You’ll act out a skit from last year’s show. You’ll do some easy improvisation in pairs. Learn a bit of a dance routine from last year’s show, and sing a bit for our singing director.

Should I prepare anything?
It’s good to have a song (legitimately any song - I sang the Circle of Life) in mind for singing auditions – but apart from that we’ll teach you everything on the night.

Should I bring anything?
A friend so you can pair up for the acting portion! Extra points if your friend is Amy Schumer.

What if I can’t sing/dance?
Enthusiasm is more important than skill. We’re looking for personalities, not seasoned Broadway stars (unless you're a seasoned Broadway star - one wouldn't hurt).

No… but, like, I really really have no talent…?
Please please come anyway. Willing to make yourself look stupid is a viable road to success - just ask Trump.

Any more questions?
Send them to sydneylawrevueproducers@gmail.com