1 year ago

17 August, 2016

York Theatre @ Seymour Centre

Organised by:
Sydney University Law Revue Society

In a year filled with unbelievable political takeovers, makeovers and comb overs, with the unlikely now unremarkable and the impossible now expected, can any satirical show browbeat Brexiteers or trump Trump without inducing anxiety in its audience about the state of the world?

Well, we’re certainly hoping so but if not we’ve got a brassy band, some cheap gags and a smoke machine to make it all feel better. The Sydney University Law Revue is proud to present, with the characteristic humility law students are known for, our 2016 offering – Royal Commission: Impossible.

Come along for a night that promises to be as balanced as Pauline Hanson’s inquiry into Islam, as authentic as a Liberal party election ad and with as little regard for accepted boundaries as the Chinese navy.

Tickets will be:
- $15 for Access
- $20 for Concession (child under 18, student or pensioner)
- $25 for Adult

Stay very closely tuned on where and when you can buy tickets!

This year, we we are proud to continue supporting the Redfern Legal Centre by donating 50% of the profits of the show. We also gratefully recognise the support of our sponsors, King & Wood Mallesons and the University of Sydney Union (USU).