1 year ago

18 August, 2016

Darling Harbour Pier 9

Organised by:
Banter and Meme Society (BAMSOC)

If the unfulfilled hype of Suicide Squad and Jarryd Hayne's NFL debut fucked and had a love child, it would be no match for the hype of this year's Harba Cruz.

Kicking off Semester 2 with the most lit party since Hindenburg '37, Tony Abbott won't be around to stop this boat of Asylum Streakers. With a worse ratio than Malcolm Turnbull's ministry cabinet and a worse drink selection than Bill Cosby's liquor cabinet- Harba Cruz will be more radical than a Mexican themed Interfaculty Pub Crawl.


18th August.
Unlimited Drinks. Unlimited Food. Unlimited Fun.
A greater Holy Trinity than Garlic, Chilli and Barbecue.

You'll be getting more fucked up than that gymnast's leg at the Olympics and getting as high as Trump's Wall, so grab your mates, grab a Sao to share and grab your tickets while they're still moist.