2 years ago

13 May, 2016

Seymour Centre

Organised by:
Movement and Dance Society

It's that time of year guys!!! The Sydney Uni Revue is here. This is an almagamation of all the best bits from across the thirteen 2015 university revues.. So yeah, it's bound to be good. And there's a few of our own MADSOCers who will be in it, so we wanna support them yay!!

WHEN: Friday 13th May, 7:30pm (the night we've chosen to attend as a #squad on)
WHERE; Seymour Centre
HOW MUCH: $15 for Access, $18 for concessions, $22 for adults (tickets can be bought from the link above)

As usual, we will be having dinner beforehand at The Rose Hotel at around 6pm, which for those who don't know is directly opposite the Seymour Centre #convenience so come to that for fun times.

Sooo come along, support your fellow performing artists :) it's sure to be a very VERY funny and fun night!

love your exec xx