1 year ago

2 June, 2016

The Reginald, Seymour Centre

Organised by:
Movement and Dance Society

Alrighttt y'all, so I'm very excited about this and you should be too... It's the Wom*n's Revue!! This show ALWAYS goes off because the lovely ladys in it f**king slay errytime. Seriously though, its such a banger of a night, and there's so much talent and empowerment in this show. I'd highly highly recommend coming along to it with us :)

So, the usual sitch: we'll be going along on Thursday the 2nd and going to dinner beforehand as a group at the Rose hotel across from the Seymour Centre. Be there or be square.

WHEN: Thursday 2nd June, 7:30 show start. 6pm dinner beforehand
WHERE: The Seymour Centre, dinner at the Rose.
HOW MUCH: Access $15 | Student $18 | General $20 (one of our exec will be buying all the tix in bulk, so we'll do a money transfer situation, might even get a discount [details to come])

ANDDDDDD to top it off, our MVP (Madsoc Vice President lel) Georgia Britt is the choregrapoher for this show sooooo like now you all have to come because its going to be AMAZING!

yay, seeya all there
your exec xxxxx