1 year ago

3 June, 2016

The Red Rattler Theatre

Organised by:
Movement and Dance Society

Yep. This is it folks. The event we’ve been waiting all semester for… Our End of Semester Party! And it’s going to go off. What better way to end the semester than with a rager of a night with your fav dancing peeps?

The theme is ‘The Final Countdown’. So, basically it’s the last night on Earth, civilisation is crumbling all around us and you have ONE last crazy night to live it up… WHAT and WHO will you be? You decide how you want to spend your final night and what style/impression you want to give off. That could be reliving the glory days of your 90s pop childhood, or digging out that dusty flapper tap costume you once danced in… Or it could just be coming in your birthday suit… ya know, you do you! But whatever it is, make it count! This theme can literally encompass everything and anything, so if you’re thinking right now “ooh I don’t know about that.. does it even fit?” “Will I look weird?” “people won’t get this”…. JUST DO ITTTTT. We dare you.

So, this epic party is in a few weeks (the Friday of week 13) and it’s taking place at none other than the Red Rattler Theatre in Marrickville, which for those of you who don’t know is the sickest, and grooviest venue EVERRR. And best of all, ENTRY IS FREE! It’s just a gold coin donation to the legendary volunteers at The Red Rattler if you’re feeling it :)

WHERE: Red Rattler Theatre, 6 Faversham Street Marrickville
WHEN: Friday 3rd of June, 8pm start
HOW MUCH: ENTRY IS FREE :) just a gold coin donation.
FUN: There will be a DJ, prizes for best costumes, fun party dance timezz

SAVE THIS DATE YOU WILL NOT #RAGRET IT. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Strap yourselves in, it's going to be big.

Love your exec,