1 year ago

26 July, 2016

Forest Lodge Hotel

Organised by:
Movement and Dance Society

Soooo yep. It's that time again... where holidays are coming to a close and we must all face the reality that is semester 2. But its not all bad news... MADSOC will be hosting a 'welcome back to uni' shindig next Tuesday night at the Flodge to get us all back in the groove of uni lyfe (i.e. drinking away our sorrows).

WHEN: Tuesday the 26th July 6PM
WHERE: The Forest Lodge Hotel, near Officeworks
THEME: wear your favourite/old/self-imagined dance costume of choice!
COST: freeeeeeee and we'll be passing around some jugs and snacks (chips and such) on the night, provided by us FO FREE!

So come on down and join us for a drink, because lets face it - you know and i know and we all know that we'll all be needing a bloody drink by then anyway #onlytwodaysin. Wear some sort of dance costume, whether its an old one you kept from your hey day or one that never got a chance to be seen WE WANNA SEE IT. ANNDDD we can all pump each other for the upcoming production of 'Locus', whether you're in it or just super keen to watch it! Yay!

See y'all soon
Your exec,