1 year ago

16 September, 2016

Luna Park Crystal Ballroom

Organised by:
Business School Society


Neverland (n.) a place where those who come cease to age; where the Lost Boys famously refused to grow up; a metaphor for eternal childhood, immortality, and escapism. origin: J. M. Barrie (The Lost Boys and Peter Pan).

The Sydney University Business Society and Luna Park warmly invite you to Neverland: The 2016 Annual SUBS Ball.

♛ ♛ ♛

Date: Friday 16th September, 6:00pm
Entry: $125 Access, $135 Non-Access (excluding booking fees)
Location: Crystal Palace, Luna Park (Milsons Point)

Photography/Videography: House of Cameo (houseofcameo.com)
Partners: Luna Park Venues, University of Sydney Business School
Dress Code: Formal/Black-Tie

Please note that this is an 18+ only event. SUBS practices RSA.

♛ ♛ ♛

This enchanting night will include:
- Unlimited beverages (sparkling wine, beer and more)
- An exquisite three course meal (Winner of The Savour Australia’s Award for Excellence in 2015)
- Photo booths, magicians, and more magical entertainment
- Exclusive use of the Luna Park Ferris Wheel
- Palace Admission Tickets will grant you exclusive access to rides across Luna Park

♛ ♛ ♛

Luna Park Venues is the official partner for Neverland. Luna Park will provide all attendees two (2) free rides for the night of Ball with each Palace Admission ticket purchased. Additionally, twelve (12) Family-Pass Luna Park tickets (valued at AUD $200 each) will be awarded on the night to selected attendees.

M.J. Bale is the official menswear partner for Neverland. M.J. Bale will provide attendees and SUBS members access to an exclusive discount on Blue Label apparel (suit, shirt and tie) bundles (for AUD$500, valued at AUD$800, representing a 40% discount). In addition, M.J. Bale will provide a 20% discount to SUBS members on selected full-price, in-store and online products. A discount code will be available in your Palace Admission ticket confirmation text.

❂ An attendee on the night will also be selected to receive a suit valued at AUD$900. ❂

‘Your Closet’ is the official womenswear sponsor for Neverland. Your Closet is an online store allowing students to rent high-end designer dresses. Prominent designer labels include Alex Perry, Camilla, Nicholas, Camilla and Marc, and Thurley.
‘Your Closet’ is offering all Neverland attendees an exclusive 25% discount by using the code ‘SUBSOC’ in the coupon section at check-out.

❂ An attendee on the night will also be selected to receive a free rental dress for their next event ❂

Our incredible 12 person photo booth is being supplied by 'The Party Starters'.


♛ ♛ ♛

Palace Admission tickets will be available from 9:00am AEST, Tuesday 16th August. We invite attendees to take note of the Palace Admission release date.

To ensure tables and seating arrangements, please purchase tickets in large quantities (12 seats per table). Please allow one person per table to order up to twelve tickets; you may choose to use the QPAY application to assist in collecting payments between attendees within larger groups. Tickets may be purchased individually or in smaller groups, however we advise purchasing in larger groups.

For ticketing support enquiries, please contact QPAY (support@quicklypay.it).

Disclaimer: Strobe lighting and laser effects will be used during Neverland. Attendees that suffer from epilepsy and other visual/light stimulation effects are advised to take caution. Smoke and haze machines will be operating in controlled environments during Neverland, and attendees who suffer from asthma or similar inhalation disorders are encouraged to contact SUBS with any concerns.

♛ ♛ ♛

Greenwood Hotel is the exclusive venue partner for Neverland’s afterparty. Admission will only be available to Neverland attendees. Please see our other posts for more information.

♛ ♛ ♛

The University of Sydney Business School is the official institutional partner for Neverland.

"Never is an awfully long time."
— All references from J. M. Barrie's 'The Lost Boys and Peter Pan.'

Run, run, Lost Boys,