2 years ago

6 May, 2016

Isabel Fidler Room, Manning House

Organised by:
Biology Society (BioSoc)

Hey you! Yeah you who joined BioSoc in O-Week and hasn't gone to any event since then. You know what I love? Drinking! Do you know what I love even more? Pizza! Do you know what I love even more drinking and eating pizza? Getting a sweet dose of knowledge from one of the worlds greatest biology presenters, David Attenborough! And because I love it so much you should too!

Biosoc's semesterly David Attenborough Doccos and Drinks Night is shaping up to be the best event yet. We will be watching 2 different David Attenborough documentries to show you the wonderful insights into our biological world. If you have a suggestion on which docco you'd like vote on the poll coming out soon. If you don't vote you'll probably get stuck watching a docco on cane toads or something (Don't judge us, some of us are trying to get into the Shine lab).

Tickets are 5 dollars for access members and 10 dollars for non-access. This gets you pizza and a beer so you're basically buying your dinner for the night.

Get keen folks and lets hope by the end we'll end up like David is in the photo