2 years ago

26 February, 2016

Peter Nicol Russel Building

Organised by:
Beer Brewing and Musical Appreciation Society (Brewsical)

The countdown to class has begun, but there is no need to despair. SUEUA will be easing you back into things with another journey through our local pubs and bars.

Whether you're a first year trying to settle into uni life, or a drinking veteran back to catch up with some friends, be sure not to miss this warmup!

As always we will start with a free beer keg, cocktail bin and some free pizza on the PNR lawns before heading to our first pub.

Until then, invite your friends and hold on tight as the execs work out some amazing deals for you guys.

Royal, home of the $10 Student Jug:
(Following deal for SUEUA members always, and for all attendees of the crawl just this time.)
-$5 Jager Bombs ( $1 for the first 200 from FlairSoc)
-$10 Shnitty
-$10 Salad
-$12 Burgers