1 year ago

18 August, 2016

Everest Theatre Seymour Centre

Organised by:
Arts Revue Society

Do you live for the soft plop of a discus on artificial grass?
Do you love watching horsies jump over poles for white peoples’ enjoyment?
Do you love objectifying athletes for their wonderful, drug-enhanced bodies?

Well you’re in luck! You’re a sad pervert and it’s an Olympic year! Tune in to Rio, and when you’re done, join us for the 2016 Arts Revue Games.

What is the Arts Revue? The Arts Revue is a comedy show. It is filled to the brim with sketches about your best dreams and worst nightmares. This year, we are taking on sporting gore and glory. This show is raunchy, it is playful, it is warm and homely like your nanna’s pie. Think Fast Forward, SNL. Except we are Arts Students with a pretty impressive budget. Watch us blow it.

Come and support us. Support the Arts.

TICKETS: https://www.seymourcentre.com/events/event/the-arts-revue-games/

$15 Access*
$18 Concession*
$22 Adult*

The Sydney University Arts Revue 2016

*plus booking fee

Directed by Angus Rees and Reuben Ward
Produced by Clare Cavanagh, Jamaya Masters and Joel Hillman