1 year ago

19 October, 2016

Isabel Fidler Room, Manning Building

Organised by:
Arts Revue Society

Arts Revue 2016 was amazing but it's over now. Time to reflect on the year that was and then vote in the exec/production team for 2017 before retiring to the pub for one last hurrah. WHAT FUN!

Anyone who is an ordinary member of the society can run for any of the exec/production positions. It's free to join the society, you just need an access card. Message secretary Jamaya Masters to check whether or not you are a member. Feel free to contact any of the current exec for information on the positions - we'd be more than happy to help!

The positions we will be voting on for 2017:

Vice Presidents/directors (2)
Treasurer/assistant producer
Secretary/assistant producer
Fundraising officer
Publicity officer
Sponsorship officer

Come along and enjoy the fun democracy!