2 years ago

2 March, 2016

Old Darlington School

Organised by:
Jazz Society

Hey Jazz Cats! It's a new year, a new start, so why not have a go at playing in a Big Band? No prepared pieces necessary!

Auditions are for instrumentalists only, as vocallists will have their own audition the following fortnight, so stay posted for that.

The auditions will run like a regular rehearsal, and each musician will be subbed in and out throughout the rehearsal. As mentioned before, no prepared pieces are required - it'll all be sight reading charts.

Instruments being auditioned:
- Alto Sax
- Baritone Sax
- Trombone (including Bass Trombone)
- Trumpet
- Guitar
- Bass
- Drums
[*] Note: Tenor sax will not be auditioned as spots have already been filled by members of the Jazz Soc executive team.

What to bring?
- Yourself
- Your instrument
- Smiles and fun
[*] Note: Drums will be provided, as well as a guitar amplifier and a bass amplifier.

Don't fret and worry about the auditions - the most important thing is that you all have fun. Hope to see y'all there!!!!