2 years ago

16 March, 2016

Old Darlington School

Organised by:
Jazz Society

Hey Jazz Vocallists! Instrument auditions in Week 1 were awesome, and now it's your turn!

Like the instrument auditions, it will run like a regular rehearsal, and each vocallist will be subbed in and out throughout the rehearsal. As mentioned in some of our previous posts, the pieces will be:

Female - Blue Skies (Cm), and Skylark (Bb)
Male - I've Got You Under My Skin (Cm), and When I Fall In Love (Eb)
[*] Note: The charts will be attached here as well

There will be one spot available for a female vocallist, and one spot for a male vocallist.

What to bring?
- Yourself
- Smiles and fun
[*] Note: There will be a microphone and PA speaker.

Don't fret and worry about the auditions - the most important thing is that you all have fun. Hope to see y'all there!!!!