1 year ago

23 September, 2016

Courtyard Restaurant and Bar

Organised by:
Jazz Society

Hey Jazz Cats!

It is time again for our Annual General Meeting!
Are you interested in joining our executive team?
Do you want to help promote jazz on campus?
Do you have any ideas for how to make JazzSoc better?

If so, come along to Courtyard Bar in the Holme Building on Friday, 23rd September at 3pm and have your say. Hear what JazzSoc has been doing over the past year, and possibly what ideas we have for JazzSoc next year.

Members and non-members alike are all welcome to attend and we'd love to see you all there. Stay jazzy, stay hip, keep the groove alive!


The new executive will be elected during this meeting. Core positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as additional positions (Publicity officer and general executives) will be elected. Nominations are now open and will close immediately prior to the meeting commencing (3pm, Friday 23rd September). All current members, including honorary members with ACCESS cards, are eligible to both vote and to nominate themselves or others for the positions outlined above. Members should email contact@jazzsoc.org with their name, ACCESS ID and desired position(s).

Amendments to Constitution

Two amendments to the constitution are proposed.

2.3 The Society will undertake the following activities to achieve its aims:
i) Hosting jazz performance and improvisation concerts on Main Campus each week of Semester One and Two (also known as Sunset Jazz).
This section will be removed. The existing section 2.3 iii) will account for any jazz performance events we will run outside of the usual weekly big-band rehearsal.

11.3 All payments of the Society shall be by cheque, signed by at least two members of the Executive, one of whom must be the Treasurer.

Shall be amended to:

11.3 All payments of the Society shall be by cheque, signed by at least two members of the Executive (one of whom must be the Treasurer) or by electronic funds transfer (EFT), carried out by any two members of the Executive.


1. Opening and welcome
2. Apologies and leaves of absence
3. Minutes of previous meeting
4. Business arising from minutes
5. Correspondence
6. Motions on notice.
6.1. Amendments to constitution
7. Annual Reports
7.1 President
7.2 Treasurer
8. Election of the Executive
8.1 President
8.2 Vice President
8.3 Treasurer
8.4 Secretary
9. Election of additional Executive members
9.1 Publicity Officer(s)
9.2 General Executive(s)
10 Other Business
11 Close of Meeting