2 years ago

4 March, 2016

Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney

Organised by:
Hong Kong Student Association

Semester 1 has offically started and here at HKSA we endearingly call Week 1 the "Welcoming BBQ week", inspired by - no prizes for guessing - the TONS of free BBQs organised by all the societies that aren't organising Free Drinks~ We know free food is always good food, yet those of us in HKSA thought it would be a better idea to organise a lunch meetup that's a bit more..refreshing. So bring your friends along to our Not-A-BBQ lunch meetup where we provide alturnatives to BBQ hotdogs! We promise it will taste better, be healthier and still cost you nothing! ;)

Details as follow:
Date: 4th of March, 2016 (Friday)
Time: 12-2pm
Venue: Chemist Garden (Outside Chemistry Building), Eastern Avenue
Fee: Free for members
$3 for non-members with Access Card
$6 for non-Access members
終於都要開sem!! 一開sem就梗會有好多唔同既association 搞free bbq events,唔係唔好,不過次次都食熱狗好似有啲悶,所以今年HKSA 決定搞俾啲清新啲同健康啲既野大家食!記得帶多啲朋友黎喇!

日期: 三月四日星期五
時間: 下午十二時至二時
地點: Chemist Garden (Outside Chemistry Building), Eastern Avenue
費用: 會員免費
非會員及有access card $3
非access card 持有人 $6