2 years ago

12 March, 2016

Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney

Organised by:
Hong Kong Student Association

USYD Hong Kong Student Association is now looking for sub-committee members for 2016, we are looking for responsible students who can effectively work as a team to help out the daily operations of the association.

For application, please fill out the Google form ON or BEFORE 23:59, 12th March, 2016: http://goo.gl/forms/W7RJTcIdn1

We will send an email with the details of the interview after you have submitted the form.

Detail describsion of each teams are as follow:

Treasury Team: Help the treasurer to keep track of finances, allocate and determine how we can spend money on events and merchandise.

Secretary Team: The Secretary Team helps the secretary with paperwork and taking minutes, but also in creating the website and weekly newsletters. People with skills in design and web developing are particularly welcome but these skills are not required to join the team.

Events Team: Be part of the group that makes sure events are run smoothly, including pre-event planning as well as on the day event-running.

Sponsorship Team: Work with the Sponsorship Manager in seeking new and maintaining current sponsors, including keeping track of the sponsorship requirements of each sponsor.

Marketing Team: Work with the Marketing Manager to maintain and improve our social media accounts and the website. Those with skills in Photoshop and other editors in the Adobe suite and web developing skills are particularly welcome but all are welcome to join if they are prepared to be dedicated.

Sports Team: Work with the Sports Manager to plan and organise different sports events, including joint-uni Sydney Games.