1 year ago

25 July, 2016

Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney

Organised by:
Hong Kong Student Association

Hey guys! We hope you all had fun during the winter break, unfortunatly its about time for another semester! We'll obviously kick off this semseter with an ODAY stall, so if you want to join us it will be the best time to do so!

Details are as followed:
Date: 25/7/2016
Time: 09:00-16:00
Location: Eastern Avenue

P.S: There's no need for our current members to renew their membership for the semester, but you are still welcome to drop by the stall ;)
眨下眼又放完假, 又係時候搞ODAY!! 黎緊呢個sem 我地已經準備左好多唔同既活動俾大家,如果想join 我地的話,最簡單既方法就係黎我地個stall 喇!

日期: 25/7/2016
時間: 09:00~16:00
地點: Eastern Avenue

P.S 已經係我地members 既朋友唔洗緊張, 你地既membership 會一路去到今年年底架!

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