1 year ago

1 October, 2016

Figure of Eight Pools

Organised by:
Hong Kong Student Association

Hey Guys!! We hope you are all enjoying your breaks!! USYD HKSA will be organising a day trip to Figure Eight Pool this Sat (1/10) and its free for all our members! SO what are you waiting for? Fill in the registration form below and join us on a relaxing yet rewarding day trip!

P.S: It takes approximately one and a half hour to walk to Figure Eight Pool from Otford Station, so the round trip will take around three hour. We would advise all participants to be prepared for the walk, please bring an appropriate amount of food, water and gear such as hiking shoes and windbreaker (and/or sunscreen) with you!

Detail as followed:
Date: 1/10/2016 (Sat)
Time and Venue: 9:30am at Central Station Grand Concourse
**Please be punctual as we are going to get a train from Central Station to Otford Station before the walk
Fee: Free for members
$2 for non-members
$5 for non-access members

You can find the form at: https://goo.gl/forms/7pJ0hrK6OTH7Gb5C2

Hiii, 大家放假玩得開唔開心呢? 黎緊USYD HKSA 會有一個Day trip 去Figure Eight Pool 呀,當然呢個活動係會員免費架!想報名就快啲填下面呢份報名表啦!!
註: 由Otford Station 行去Figure Eight Pool 大約要一個半鐘, 來回會大約係三個鐘, 希望咁多位會自備足夠既水, 野食 同埋裝備, 例如行山鞋同風褸(外加太陽油), 唔好餓親/曬親呀!!
日期: 1/10/2016 (六)
時候及地點: 9:30am at Central Station Grand Concourse
費用: 會員免費
$2 for non-members
$5 for non-access members