1 year ago

7 October, 2016

International Student Lounge

Organised by:
Hong Kong Student Association

Hey guys!! USYD HKSA is organising a Board Games night this Friday (7/10) and its for all our members and Access Card holders, so bring your friends along or come and make some friends there ;)

Details are as followed:
Date: 7/10/2016 (Friday)
Time: 15:30 - 1830
Location: International Student Lounge
Fee: Free for HKSA members and Access Card holders
$5 for Non-Access Card holders

啱啱放完假係咪未玩夠呢? 黎緊呢個星期五(7/10) USYD HKSA 會有一個Board Games night, HKSA 會員同有Access Card 既朋友都會係免費架! 帶埋你啲朋友黎啦!

日期: 7/10/2016 (星期五)
時間: 15:30 - 1830
地點: International Student Lounge
費用: HKSA 會員及 Access Card holder 免費
Non-Access $5