2 years ago

25 May, 2016

The University Of Sydney No 1 Oval

Organised by:
Education and Social Work Society (EDSOC)

Calling all budding teachers, educators, social workers or anyone involved in Education/Social Work -

This semester has been an uphill battle for the EDSOC faculty but we have a chance to retake our rightful position as the most athletic faculty. Let's show Law what we have got! Come down and represent EDSOC in the 3km run this Wednesday Week 12. It is the last competition of the semester and promises to be the biggest!

I have it on good authority that Steve Georgakis and Remy Low have cracked open their piggy banks and will be shouting jugs at Manning post race to help you rehydrate. And if that doesn't take your fancy there is also a FREE BBQ - you heard it, all snags for FREE!


1. Register on the Education roll upon arrival at the event.

You must follow the route and finish the race to receive a point for the team. You can literally hovel across the line, the more people we have complete the race the more points we will get!

3. FACULTY VOLUNTEER = 2 POINTS. Each team must provide minimum 2 marshals + 2 volunteers to help run the event BUT the more the better. This is where we got those extra points - so if you like to drink beer and stand around, this is your calling!

If you're keen to run/walk/crawl or volunteer please click attending on this event and contact Emma Gavaghan ASAP.

Any questions/concerns make a post on this event or contact Emma.

Male and female placings.
1st = 10pts
2nd = 7pts
3rd = 5pts
4th = 3pts

This is sure to be an awesome event so come down and get around Education and have a dash for the best faculty on campus!

Get down to Sydney Uni Oval No.1 at 2pm for a 2:30pm start!