1 year ago

23 January, 2017

The Cellar Theatre

Organised by:
Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS)

A Sad Man in a Studio Apartment by Himself.

A man hates his job. He wonders if he hates himself. He is alone. He is disconnected from the world. How does he survive? How does he exist? What reason can he have to go on? He sighs.
A Sad Man in a Studio Apartment by Himself is a one-person theatre show thematically continuing on from Part One of Mass Destruction.

Also featuring the Lost Sydney University Dramatic Society performance art show "Mass Destruction Part One: Suicide is Potatoes" V2.0. It's like a video game! Patched.

Contains suicidal references, depiction of suicide and nudity.

Created and Performed by Riordan Berry
Co-Directed by Rory Nolan and Riordan Berry
Produced by Rat.

Tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/OJGV