2 years ago

30 April, 2016

Carslaw 275

Organised by:
University of Sydney Union Debating


Get excited for the USU’s second tennis-themed tournament of the year! Sydney Open is a lot like the Australian Open, except it’s a debating competition held at the University of Sydney, and you get chocolate instead of a huge trophy if you win.


Sydney Open runs on a system of rotating adjudicators. That means you’ll need to have a team of four people, one of whom will adjudicate each round. If you need to brush up on your negotiating skills, feel free to practice by trying to convince one of your teammates to adjudicate two rounds. This year we will be strictly enforcing this - your primary obligation is to provide a judge, even if that means you will be iron-personing.

Every team must have at least one novice. A team of all pros is not OK, so it’s time to overcome your fear of “youth these days” and make friends with the whippersnappers. A team of all novices (or more than one) is perfectly fine though! A pro is someone who has debated at either Australs or Worlds - anyone else is a novice, no matter how many Easters they’ve been to.

You can register as an individual, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to find you teammates. We will stay in contact and let you know, though.

You can also register to just adjudicate the tournament if you would prefer.


Sydney open is in Australs style, 3 on 3 with reply speeches and no POIs. If you don’t know what a reply speech or need a refresher on debating tactics, don’t worry - there’ll be a short briefing at the start of the weekend which will get you up to speed.


Registration for debaters and adjudicators is $40. Please pay in cash on Saturday morning!

Link here: http://goo.gl/forms/9j35yhjtjn

Registration will close at midnight on Wednesday the 27th.


The theme for Open this year is 80’s reruns, so we’re welcoming back the A Team: Abigail McCarthy and Angud Chawla!

They debated together at Australs 2014 and Worlds 2015 (#cuteaf) and now they’re here to run an amazing Sydney Open.

Abbey is best known for attending Worlds so many times even she’s lost count. At Worlds 2016 she became the World’s Best Master Debater and the envy of everyone’s little brother. She has been a Womens Best Speaker, Australs Top 10 Speaker and DCA of Easters 2015.

Angud hasn’t been to Worlds quite as many times as Abbey, but he’s doing his best to compensate for this by winning Australs 2015 and making the Grand Final of Worlds 2016. Angud’s other achievements include learning to turn up to the airport on time for his flights and attending more Swans games than he has debates.


The briefing room will be CARSLAW 275

Saturday 30th April

9:30 Registration and Briefing
10:00 ROUND 1 Topic Release
12:30 Lunch
13:30 ROUND 2 Topic Release
15:30 Afternoon Tea
16:00 ROUND 3 Topic Release
18:15 Champ Dinner - Thai La Ong

Sunday 1st May

9:30 Briefing
9:45 ROUND 4 Topic Release
12:00 Lunch
12:30 ROUND 5 Topic Release
14:30 ~brownies~
16:00 Semi-final Debate
17:30 Grand Final Debate
18:30 Speaker Prize Ceremony
19:00 Post-Tournament Drinks