2 years ago

8 May, 2016

Sydney University

Organised by:
University of Sydney Union Debating

Hello all wom*n / non-binary peeps / anyone who is not a cis man!

Kyriarchy getting you down? Sick of the dude bros ruining debating? Inspired by Lemonade to claim your empowerment and banish men from all areas of your life? Luckily wom*n's training day is here!

Wom*n’s training day is your chance to get some debating practice, whether you’re gearing up for Australs trials or want to give it a go for the first time.

You’ll get the opportunity to debate with some more experienced debaters and develop your debating skills in a happy and safe environment. You need no prior debating experience and it’s all free so just bring yourselves and a sense of fun ☺ (also pens and paper and that stuff).

After the rounds we'll be heading for some food / drinks at 4pm, which is totally optional but should be fun!

People from all institutions are welcome! Invite anyone you think would be interested!

To register, fill out this google doc: http://goo.gl/forms/y47o37Nk4l

The schedule will be as follows:
10:00 Round 1 Topic Release
10:30 Debate 1
11:45 Round 2 Topic Release
12:15 Debate 2
13:30 Lunch
14:15 Round 3 Topic Release
14:45 Debate
16:00 Social

See you there!

Issy ☺