2 years ago

1 June, 2016


Organised by:
University of Sydney Union Debating

hey everyone!

It's been a great semester of USU debating - with outstanding performances at both Easters and our own USU championships!!! to celebrate with us all come to the end of semester social at the Little Guy! This will also double up as an ~Australs sendoff~ where teams will be heading to the land of WA to debate some WAcky topics heh

There will be a generous bar tab + also some food so come and hang out pls. Come along at any point in the night, the bar tab will start at 8pm.

p.s even if you have only attended one internals ever or were to scared to ever come to any internals, this is a fantastic opportunity to come and meet some members of the society and get to know people before sem 2!!!!

Socials Director Lil