1 year ago

26 June, 2016

Carslaw Building Sydney University

Organised by:
University of Sydney Union Debating

In a stunning turn of events, the USU will be holding a pre-Australs debating tournament. As the name suggests, this will be held before Australs by the USU.

Yes we know it's Sunday - Monday, but this shouldn't be a problem because no-one who works full time would stick around uni debating right? That would just be sad.


Format is 3v3 with replies. No POIs, and no novice requirement for your team. I know this is probably a surprise to many of you, but this is an Australs practice tournament… so it is in Australs format but don’t worry, see below for ~innovation~

You don't need to be attending Australs to come, anyone of any level of experience is welcome!


We are the harsh, new face of USU debating and there are new rules about rego fees. Pls bring cash, it's really not that hard.

Pay before round 1: $40
Pay on day 1 after round 1: $45
Pay on day 2 before round 5: $50
You really should have paid by this point. If you haven’t your whole team is cut from the tab. Seriously.

All USU teams and judges will be attending (yay mandatory fun), and for other institutions we reserve the right to impose an n-1 requirement for adjudicators. We'll be in touch if your institution is not providing enough judges.

Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oNOqBNwmebsdE7Zu1CnUnGzoEMpB_n9--ddmxnj0KLI/viewform


Day 1

9:30 Registration and Briefing
10:00 ROUND 1 Topic Release
12:30 Lunch
13:30 ROUND 2 Topic Release
15:30 Afternoon Tea
16:00 ROUND 3 Topic Release
18:15 Championship Dinner – Thai La Ong

Day 2

9:30 Briefing
9:45 ROUND 4 Topic Release
12:00 Lunch
12:30 ROUND 5 Topic Release
14:30 Brownies!
16:00 Semi-Final Debate
17:30 Grand final Debate
18:30 Speaker Prize Ceremony
19:00 Post-Tournament Drinks


We’ve rounded up some pretty #hectic talent to CA this tournament, so get k33n. We couldn’t find any photos of all three of them together on facebook (conspiracy?), so here is a collection of photos of them in pairs that we found amusing. You’re welcome.


Nick’s CV is stacked so high it would put even the most seasoned stupol hack to shame. If you hadn’t already guessed from the nickname, Nick “World Champ” Chung (that he insists on people using), Nick has won Worlds. He’s also broken at Australs, judged an EFL Grand Final at Worlds and will be a DCA at Australs this year. While all these achievements are ok (we guess), he has never recovered from the loss of the 2010 ISDA Semi Final to Daniel Farinha.

Nick is always on the lookout for up and coming adjudicating talent. He’s pretty much the Simon Cowell of debating. So here’s a top tip: coming to judge Pre-Australs is a great way to put your name on the radar and impress Nick before Australs!


Downie hasn’t been around much lately because she’s preparing for her upcoming career as a hot shot cocaine snorting investment banker. We’re just worried it will be too much of a step down from her current party lifestyle.

She describes her debating CV as ‘always the bridesmaid’, having been capped out of Australs twice and missing the break by ⅓ of a speaker point another time #fuckthecap. She is also a two-time Easters Semi Finalist and three-time women’s Grand Finalist (and best speaker last year).


If there’s anything that could ever compete with Daniel’s love of the free market, retired high court judges and lean protein, it’s CAing USU Pre-Australs. He did such a good job last year we’ve decided to let him do it again.

The only CV point you really need to know is that he beat Nick “World Champ” Chung in an ISDA Semi Final in 2010, but if you need more he has also judged an Australs Grand Final, been a Worlds Octo-Finalist, and was the champion and best speaker of Easters 2013.

xoxo gossip comps directors Kev and Grace