1 year ago

8 September, 2016

Courtyard Restaurant and Bar

Organised by:
University of Sydney Union Debating

Hey wom*n-identifying / non-binary / non cis-male people of debating! The USU is throwing a party!

We all know we’re the best people in debating, so let’s get together over some cider / wine / DC* to make it official. Come along for some ironic misandry, non-ironic crushing of the patriarchy, and generally excellent company.

There’ll be a bar tab and plenty of food, and it’s absolutely free! Anyone who is not a cis-male is welcome, no matter what university you go to, or how much experience you have. This is a great opportunity to come and chat about debating if you’re new, or to meet other people who’ll be at Women’s in Melbourne.

Please invite anyone you think may be interested!

We’ll make a booking at Courtyard closer to the day, so please keep your RSVP (attending / maybe) on the event pretty accurate. No problem if you decide to come last minute though, we’ll have extra space!

xoxo USU Debating

*DC refers to Diet Coke, the (unofficial) drink of the USU Debating Society. Other soft drinks will be available, but will not be as good.