2 years ago

2 June, 2016

King Street Wharf

Organised by:
Sydney Arts Students Society (SASS)

SASS is back and we're here to provide you with dinner and a show, with dinner being a whole lotta booze and the show being VIVID SYDNEY 2016!

We know you're looking for a chance to celebrate the end of a flat out, ball-busting semester full of soy chai latte sipping and philosophical dissertations. We know you're hoping for an unforgettable night that you honestly probably will have trouble remembering (cos you gotta clear out some space in the memory bank to make room for last minute finals cramming, right?). And we know you're looking to do it all in style on a sick cruise with an even sicker light show in the background.

This year we're still giving you a chance to get a lil dressed up, but we wanna spice it up and get VIVID as well. So break out your cocktail dress and button-up + blazer, but don't be afraid to throw in some colour as well - the more VIVID the better!

So join us on June 2 (Thursday of the last week of semester!) for what's sure to be a spectacularly SASSy time. There'll be banging tunes, good food, A STEADY SUPPLY OF FREE ALC, a sweet DF and all your favourite SASSy mates. Tickets have sold out FAST in the past, so get on it asap. You won't wanna miss this.

WHEN: Thursday, 2nd June, 7:45pm-11:45pm. Arrive at 7:15pm ON THE DOT for a 7:45pm SHARP departure.
WHERE: King Street Wharf (Wharf No. 7)
PRICE: $40.50 (ACCESS), $50.50 (NON-ACCESS)
ATTIRE: Cocktail (with a VIVID twist!)

This is a strictly 18+ event. No alcohol will be allowed onto the boat (that's what we're here for!). Anyone acting up on the wharf will not be allowed on the cruise. Anyone acting up on the boat will not be served at the discretion of the bartenders and security. Just don't act up pls. SASS and the USU promote responsible drinking.
Stay SASSy Xx