1 year ago

15 September, 2016

New Law Annexe Seminar Room 446

Organised by:
United Nations Society

Come around for the 5th MINIMUN as a delegate for the UN Security Council !
~As always there will be free pizza !!


On November 13th 2015, terror attacks in Paris killed 137 people. On March 22nd 2016, further attacks in Brussels killed a further 35. Following the collapse of Arab Spring revolutionary movements in Syria in 2011 and the expansion of the Syrian Civil War into Iraq, Lebanon, and Eastern Turkey, terror attacks both in the Middle East and worldwide have been on the rise. Europe is particularly vulnerable; not only geographically proximate to the Middle East, European states are experiencing increasing ethnic and religious tension due to an influx of migrants from the Syrian Civil War. In these circumstances the Security Council has given the matter its attention.


No training ? No worries ! This is a chance to learn more about MUNs before upcoming NC MUN which closes registrations on the 18th of September!