2 years ago

24 March, 2016

The Loggia Room, Manning House, Sydney University

Organised by:
Food co-op

Why not join for a pizza and an hour of fun where we'll reflect on the year so far and what everyone's ideas are for the year ahead... Bring along your access card and you can enjoy free pizza! And of course there will be vg/v/gf options available.

AND finally don't forget to get your nominations in via email (usydfoodcoop@gmail.com) if you'd like to hop onto the executive team.

The executive positions up for grabs:

This is a key role in helping the Food Co-op achieve its goal of providing healthy, great tasting food to the Usyd and broader community. If you are interested in learning more about the financial operations of a community organisation and how a not-for-profit organisation utilises funds for our products and events, then this is for you! The Treasurer is responsible for financial accounting and ensuring that the Co-op keeps records of expenditure and income. The role also requires making bank deposits, paying bills and general auditing duties. For these duties you need a basic understanding of accounting.

Volunteer Co-ordinator
This position involves the management of all the volunteers within the Food Co-op. This involves rostering, training and assisting volunteers both prior to and throughout the semester. Specific tasks include setting up and assigning store shifts to volunteers, ensuring weekly attendance, regularly emailing and contacting volunteers about attendance, providing all necessary information and following up on absences or volunteer queries. There are usually three co-ordinators, amongst which the various roles are distributed. Being a co-ordinator is a very rewarding experience that allows active interactions and relationships with all the volunteers within the Co-op, and necessarily requires high organisational and human management skills in order to ensure a smooth semester for everyone.

General Stock Co-ordinator
The role of the Stock Co-ordinator is to look after all bulk, packaged and refrigerated goods (ie everything except fruit & veg). This involves checking stock levels, placing orders with our various suppliers (a large order at the beginning of each semester, then smaller restocking orders throughout), and liaising with the Treasurer to pass on invoices. This role offers the opportunity to establish new wholesale accounts with suppliers if we decide to order a new product line.

Fruit and Vegetable Stock Co-ordinator
The Fruit and Veg Stock Co-ordinator orders in the produce for our weekly fruit and veg boxes. This involves gathering together the online and in-store orders, figuring out how much money we have to spend and then doing the order. The process involves simply filling out a form and emailing it to Back to Eden, our organic supplier that’s followed by then getting up early on Wednesday morning and calling them to confirm they have everything. It's fun to be able to choose the produce and learn about when certain plants are in season.

Promotions manager:
This is a flexible role, that can be shaped by and to whoever undertakes the position. It primarily involves organising and implementing promotions for the Food Coop and overseeing our social media pages, but you can also help out in any other way you desire! It is an fantastic opportunity to get involved with events and contribute ideas while working closely with other members of the exec team!

If you would like to nominate yourself for one or more of the positions, please send us an email (usydfoodcoop@gmail.com) with your contact details and why you think you would suit the role. If you cannot be at the General Meeting but would like to nominate, let us know and we'll make sure your written nomination is presented at the event.