1 year ago

11 August, 2016

USYD PNR Engineering

Organised by:
Project Management Society

Emerging from your (pizza) hut after the holiday must be difficult. Here at PMSoc we domi-know the best way to cheer up is a pizza of cheesy goodness.

PMsoc is doing cheap pizzas this coming Thursday (11th August)!
$2 if you're a member of PMsoc and have access
$5 if you have access
$7 if you have access AND you sign up to be a member of PMsoc (if you sign up it means $2 pizzas for the rest of the year!!)
$10 non access

- cheesy garlic
- americano (pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella)
- hot chilli beef
- beef and onion
- ham and cheese
- pepperoni
- simply cheese
- spicy veg trio

If you're down fill out the google link:

Pickup at PNR 1pm
Pizzas not collected by 1.30pm will be sold to others.

If you want to be personally invited to further events (like pizza), friend us @ Pmsoc Usyd! Like our page for updates!