2 years ago

11 April, 2016

Botany Lawns (next to the Great Hall)

Organised by:
INGSOC (Sydney University International and Global Studies Society

Here at INGSOC we understand that having a lot of informative events with a few loose lights of drinking in between isnt quite enough. We know that you all get a little bit angsty when youre hungry, and we dont want that before an INGS1001/INGS2601 lecture do we?
Come on down to the Botany Lawns from 12-2 where we will be cooking up a storm just for you guys. Resident chef "eggs-over Ceazy" will be there to give you a delicious assortment of sausages, bread, and banter. See you guys there!

Cost: Members FREE
non members: Access/non access: $5