1 year ago

17 August, 2016

Kuleto's Cocktail Bar

Organised by:
INGSOC (Sydney University International and Global Studies Society

As we are deep into week 2 of uni, and getting up at 9 am is struggle, it is definitely already time for some drinks to keep morale up. And because (BL)INGSOC loves giving you the opportunity to get fancy on a budget, why shouldn’t those drinks be cocktails? Jump onto our sexy new event website (https://try.tilt.com/ingsoc) and grab your $12 access ticket entitling you to not one, not none, but 2 (!) cocktails at famed King Street watering hole Kuleto’s. We’ll see you there from 5:30 on Wednesday the 17th.
PS-Though we do love you and want to see you as much as possible, we are only asking for your phone number so we can let you know the second a new event is released through Tilt.