1 year ago

25 August, 2016

Isabel Fiddler Room, Sydney University

Organised by:
INGSOC (Sydney University International and Global Studies Society

We are having our general meeting Thursday 25 August at 4 PM, which is particularly important for those who WANT TO BECOME PART OF THE EXEC (yay!).

We need to reach quorum - 15 people - to make any changes to the structure and organisation of INGSOC this year, but obviously we can't reach this number with INGSOC execs alone. So... we need YOUR help. This is very important.

3 positions are up for grabs. Vice-President, Careers and Mentoring, and one General Executive position. We will be voting for all those spots on Thursday, so if you are free, come along! If you want to put yourself forward for a position, but can't make the meeting, send a message to the INGSOC facebook page and we will read it out to everyone present on Thursday.

If you have any further questions, feel free to message us!

Much love, the INGSOC exec.