1 year ago

31 August, 2016

Forest Lodge Hotel

Organised by:
INGSOC (Sydney University International and Global Studies Society

You know exchange? That thing uni students do all the time to make you jealous? That thing you are meant to start organising? That thing you should have gone to an info session for already? That thing you're missing out on? INGSOC, as always, has you covered. For $5 we will provide you with:

1 - A 20 minute intro from a Sydney Abroad Representative about the application process.

2 - Speeches by members of your favourite INGSOC Exec about their exchange experience, from application to the amazing 6 months/year they spent living the dream.

We know you’re already convinced, but there’s more! After the exchange information portion of the night, we will be holding a trivia competition with:

3 - The chance to prove your squad are the world leaders (get it?!) of INGSOC Trivia and gain all the associated pride (as well as a couple of jugs of that delicious Flodge Lager we hope you already know and love)
4 - A 1 in 5 chance, through the raffle we’ll be holding in between the two rounds of trivia, to win an INGSOC T-shirt (normally valued at $10!!!!)

So jump on to https://try.tilt.com/ingsoc and grab your ticket for all this and so much more!!!

PS - We haven’t mentioned this yet because we’re afraid of it being abused, but we are constitutionally bound to provide anyone who buys a ticket to our event at least two beverages each. So, you know. There’s that too.