1 year ago

2 November, 2016

Webster's Bar

Organised by:
INGSOC (Sydney University International and Global Studies Society

With exams on their way (zzzzz), which often count for relatively little, since INGS/social sciences students don’t do rote learning like commerce or med students (rip), what better time to kick back and have a drink? Forget the impending doom of exams and come to Webster’s Bar in Newtown instead! (We have booked the rooftop for extra cla$$)

As the sun sets, we will be dressing up in our Sunday (Wednesday) Best to enjoy the stuvac evening. Time to bring out that suit/formal dress you have not touched in 3 years! To toot our own horn for a moment – we like to think the INGSOC Formal has now been inscribed in Usyd folklore, in part thanks to Aaron’s velvet red jacket (a magnet for groping) and the prodigious consumption of cigarettes that clogged The Clock’s ash-trays last time around. Furthermore, INGSOC is obliged to use all its funding and this is our last event.... So be sure not to miss out! This event is ticketed, so jump onto https://try.tilt.com/ingsoc to grab yours! As usual, this ticket will include plentiful drinks.

PRICE: Access ($15), Non-Access ($20)

WHEN: 6 PM Wednesday, 2 November (i.e during stuvac).

WHERE: Webster’s Bar (rooftop), 323 King St, Newtown NSW 2042.