2 years ago

13 April, 2016

The Cellar Theatre

Organised by:
Sydney University Dramatic Society

The Sydney University Dramatic Society Presents: Beat

Beat: (noun) the smallest unit of action in a scene; a shift in the action, thought, or emotion of the actor(s).

Beat: (noun) the basic unit of time in music, the pulse (regularly repeating event), of the mensural level.

Beat is a show served in two parts, these parts playing consecutively over two weeks.

Part 1 explores silence as an essential element of drama and a by-product of human communication - does silence speak louder than words? How do humans communicate and miscommunicate? Does silence carry across culture?

Part 1 features:
Anja Bless (dir.), Ang Collins (dir.), Bianca Farmakis (dir.), Elijah Fink (dir.), Gabe Gregory, Bronwyn Hicks, Jack Kennare, Angela Lin (dir.), Maggie Liuzzi, Laura McInnes, Meg McLellan (dir.), Lauren McNaught, Elizabeth Milstead, Riley Nolan (dir.), Helena Parker, Max Peacock, Jean Pham, Issy Phillips (dir.), Jimmy Pucci (dir.), Tushar Prasad, Perri Roach (dir.), Michael Sun, Emma Webb, Anna Williamson, Jess Zlotnick (dir.), Noa Zulman

Part 2 is a cacophony of noise: boisterous, rude, fantastic. Noise and sound are inherent to everyday life - it exhausts and invigorates.

Part 2 features:
Tamara Bailey, Robert Boddington (dir.), Georgia Britt (dir.), Ally Canas, Clare Cavanagh (dir.), Julia Dabrowski, Keshini De Mel, Gabby Florek (dir.), Hal Fowkes, Charlotte Friels, Madeleine Gandhi, Sarah Graham (dir.), Jane Hughes (dir.), Tracy Leung, Harriet Lugsdin (act/dir.), Alex McHugh, Elizabeth Milstead (dir.), Ryan Naylor, Julia Robertson (dir.), Ellie Rogers (dir.), Caitlyn Sinclair, Michael Sun (dir.), Adam Waldman (dir.), Shae Watkins

Featuring original and adapted works from:
Jess Zlotnick, Riley Nolan, Jimmy Pucci, Gabby Florek, Tansy Gardam, Ang Collins, Riordan Berry, Robert Boddington

Co-directed and co-produced by Ang Collins and Sarah Graham
Stage Manager: Jestika Chand
Lighting Design by Viran Weersekera and Tom Hicks
Sound Design by Ethan Austin
Technical Operation by Elizabeth Milstead, Christopher Wale, Michael Grusovin, Alex Smiles

Beat is SUDS’ annual compilation show that offers you the freshest new talent from the society in binary shows featuring short student works, acted, directed and produced by students of the society.

Part 1: Wednesday 13th April - Saturday 16th April
Part 2: Wednesday 20th April - Saturday 23rd April

Tickets: https://trybooking.com/LAIM
$10 Adults | $7 Concession | $5 ACCESS | $3 SUDS

See one, see both, see one of the biggest shows of the year.