1 year ago

5 December, 2016

The Cellar Theatre

Organised by:
Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS)

Suicide. Depression. Memes.

How do we as creative people thrive and exist in a society which seems intent on telling us that what we have to contribute to society is useless bordering on irrelevant?

Do we kill ourselves?

Medicate legally or illegally?

Do we treat everything with a sheen of ironic pleasure, lulling ourselves in to a faint sense of blissful ignorance?

How do we navigate the murky waters of genuine heartfelt discovery that is constantly being probed and dismantled?

Maybe we should sit in the VERY PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITY’S dankest hole nude peeling potatoes for 24ish hours where predominantly students of the VERY PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITY can gawk at us, staring at our genitals and giggling at the hilarity of it all, trying to think up meaning. It has to mean something right? We have to mean something? Right? Is it all pointless? Does Anything Mean Anything?

I don’t know. Ignore above wanky posturing. Soz lol.

Contains Suicidal References and Nudity

12am Monday 5th December to 12am Tuesday 6th December

Tickets: $3/5/7/10

Created & Performed by Riordan Berry
Produced by Rat