1 year ago

13 December, 2016

The Cellar Theatre

Organised by:
Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS)

You find yourself at Songbird Manor, an old estate in the countryside, at the invitation of eccentric billionaire, van Oster. A soirée is being held to thank the generous donors of van Oster's newest project; the conversation is warm, the food exquisite and the drink flows freely.

Running 6 times a night from the 13th - 16th of December, 'a menagerie' is a 30 minute interactive experience for 4 people at a time. Enter the labyrinth that is Songbird Manor and uncover the secrets that lurk within.

'a menagerie' is the second immersive piece from the team that brought you the sold out show, 'Weathervane', and will bring you the 2017 SUDS Major, 'In Two Circles'. The proceeds from this show will go towards the upcoming Major production.

Tickets are very limited, so grab yours here now! https://www.trybooking.com/247553

$7 Access
$10 Students
$15 Adults

Devised by Julian Hollis, Jeremy Blum and Jack Savage.