1 year ago

18 December, 2016

The Cellar Theatre

Organised by:
Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS)

Welcome to the First (Maybe?) International (Possibly?) Cellar Film Festival (True!). It’s the height of Summer and there’s no better way to spend a humid Sunday evening than with your friends at the pictures.

First up: Spike Lee’s 1989 opus “Do The Right Thing”. The film depicts rising tensions in a Brooklyn suburb during a heatwave and was criticised at release for “inciting black audiences to riot”.

Really what it did was clarify Spike Lee’s developing artistic vision. It’s a kinetic film, interspersed with slice-of-life vignettes that create a vibrant sense of neighbourhood previously absent from Hollywood’s grim, gawky portrayals of the ghetto.

It’s equal parts funny and tragic and is, above all else, entertaining.

We’ll be serving popcorn and choctops on a pay what you want platform, there will be no ticket price at the door. We would advise all viewers to bring snacks and drinks themselves. This isn’t Dendy, we won’t be searching your bags. Free popcorn for anyone who brings a pillow to sit on, but there will also be enough chairs/pillows/comfy jackets from the costume room for all.

We’re constructing a projector screen. We’ve keyed the cellar’s speakers to surround sound. We’ve torrented a bluray.* This is Alana Cherry’s projector as you have never seen before.

- Peter, Courtney, and Dom.


Movie? Do The Right Thing (1989) dir. spike lee.
Is it good? Roger Ebert thought so.
Roger Ebert’s a pleb. That’s not a question but it also played Cannes to a standing ovation.
What’s Cannes? Now who’s the pleb?
Who’s asking the questions here? Me.
Tickets? Free.
Food? Popcorn/Choctops.
Can I bring my own stuff ;)? Yes ;);)
Will it be fun? Yes.
Will Peter be talking? No.

*I own it on bluray too I just don’t have a player, back off feds.