2 years ago

24 March, 2016

Isabel Fidler Meeting Room, Manning House

Organised by:
Sydney University Pakistani Society

PakSoc is having its AGM on the 24th of March at 6pm in the Isabel Fidler Meeting Room in Manning House (Directions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6FKEvt9LDg)

The meeting will have the elections for the new executive committee of 2016 where the full range of positions will be open. We encourage all of our members to consider running for a position and get actively involved with the society.

If you wish to run for a position and would like to nominate yourself, please send us a message on Facebook or an email (sydneyunipaksoc@gmail.com) with your full name and ACCESS card number by the 20th of March. Also prepare a 1-2 minute speech for the voters about yourself and why you’re interested in running.

The available positions with their roles for the executive committee of 2016:

• Plan the Society’s activities in consultation with the Executive
• Liaise with the Executive and any Committees formed by the Society.
• Ensure an adequate handover, including any documents and materials, to the following Executive

Vice President
• Handle all activities and tasks in the absence of the President.
• Ensure effective communication between all executive members.

• Maintain the Society’s finances in accordance with the Treasurer’s Handbook produced by the Clubs and Societies Office of the University of Sydney Union.
• Present to the Annual General Meeting of the Society a report detailing the financial activity and status of the Society.
• Ensure an adequate handover, including any documents and materials, to the following Executive.

• Conduct the correspondence of the Society.
• Book meeting rooms for the Society.
• Keep minutes of the proceedings of all Society meetings.
• Maintain the records and documents of the Society.
• Maintain a list of current Members, in accordance with University of Sydney Union Guidelines.
• Maintain the Society’s registration with the University of Sydney Union.

Events Coordinator
• Suggest ideas regarding events
• Be responsible for the success of the events by assuring that all tasks are carried
• Co-ordinate with the executive team and members regarding individual events.

The Cultural Ambassador
• Possess basic knowledge of the culture of Pakistan and will be able to provide information regarding it to members.
• Undertake tasks that will promote the culture, cuisine and arts of Pakistan.
• Be responsible for the easy integration of international Pakistani students in Sydney by providing them with relevant information.

The Media Officer:
• Be responsible for the social media activities of the society
• Undertake activities that promote the society on campus and online

It is important to note that ONLY ACCESS card members are eligible to run for a position as well as vote for any candidates. If you don’t have an ACCESS card, we do highly recommend that you do get one and are engaged in the election process let it be as a candidate or in the voting. All the details on ACCESS are available here: https://www.usu.edu.au/Access-Card.aspx

This year, we are proudly starting a PakSoc Volunteers Group (PVG). This will be a group within the society where one will be a part of the organising, setting up and helping out in any way in which one pleases. You won’t be forced to work and will not be bound to any commitments. If there’s an event coming up, we’ll contact you all first and would like to get your help in running the event smoothly. Examples of ways in which you could help may be applying mehndi during cultural events, helping with decorations on stalls or event venues and the like. To be part of the volunteers group, you don’t need an ACCESS card so just send us a Facebook message or email and you’re automatically part of the squad.

The AGM will also involve votes for constitutional amendments. A list of amendments that will be voted for:
• A decrease in membership fee down to $2 Ordinary and $5 Associate
• A change in the nature of membership from annual to life-time
• The formation of a PakSoc Volunteers Group
• Change of the AGM month from March to October
• The dissolution of the following redundant positions:
o Sports Director
o Social Director

If there are additional changes you would like to see for the society and its constitution, we value your feedback and thus can make suggestions here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1b_Eb8mezXltxKqhsUOnTE7tw5sHdl_-WqmAVo1IRctI/viewform?c=0&w=1

If you are not able to attend the meeting and would like to nominate yourself as a candidate or vote in the elections, that is still possible. We are accepting virtual presences so you can attend the meeting through Skype or Facetime. Just message or email us if that's the case and we will organise something as we really want everyone to attend.

If you have any further questions, feel free to message us on Facebook or send us an email.
We encourage that everyone considers running for a position or joining the volunteers group, see you at the meeting!