2 years ago

11 March, 2016

Chittick Lodge Gerringong

Organised by:
Australian Chinese Cultural Appreciation Society (ACCAS) (ChopSticks)

Get hyped guys! It’s almost time for Chopsticks Panda-monium Camp: The Year of the Monkey!

It’ll be happening at the end of the second week, just before the semester really starts. We’ll be heading down to Gerringong, right by the beach. Other awesome fun times shall include:
- Team Games
- Secret Quests
- Prizes galore
- Campfire chilling
- Beach chilling
- And a talent competition for you all to strut your stuff. ;)

The camp is from the 11th – 13th March, just on the weekend of the second week. We’ll be leaving from just outside the main quad on 11th March, Friday 6pm.

And for all of you members, we have a special early bird price of $130 which lasts until first week back Tuesday, and we'll be selling them at all our upcoming events. So stop monkeying around and get your tickets guys. :P
$130: Early Bird price for members (till 1st March!)
$140: ACCESS