2 years ago

14 April, 2016

International Student Lounge

Organised by:
Australian Chinese Cultural Appreciation Society (ACCAS) (ChopSticks)

Hi everyone!
Chopsticks and Wasabi would like to welcome you all to our 2016 Black Day event! For those who don't know what Black Day is, Black Day is an unofficial "holiday" when single people from all across town come together, eat Jajangmyeon (Blackbean Noodles), and talk about our woeful love lifes. However singles, couples, and also 'some' relationships are all welcome!
Come by and join us at the International Student Lounge on the Thursday 14th of April and chow down a plate of Jajangmyeon! At the event, there will be a variety of fun games where you can meet awesome new friends and maybe even find "the one"!


- FREE for members
- $2 ACCESS non-members
We hope to see you all there!