2 years ago

18 May, 2016

Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney

Organised by:
Australian Chinese Cultural Appreciation Society (ACCAS) (ChopSticks)

Hi members of Chopsticks and Usyd TSA,

Feeling tired this far into the semester? Assessments got you panda-eyed? Well take a quick break and enjoy some firm oriental buns at the Eastern Avenue on Wednesday 18th of May! Chopsticks and the Usyd Taiwanese Student's Association (TSA) will be at USU's FUNCH serving exotic flavours for all of you studious mantou's!

Fancy something sweet? Something savoury? How about something out of this world umami? Well we will have you covered with our large assortment of Baozi and Gua Bao fresh from the store (vegetarian option included)! All of the warm plump buns we'll be serving will be FREE FOR ACCESS HOLDERS, so why not bring a friend along and experience a variety of buns together!

Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney

Access Holders: FREE
Non-Access: $6

(Just show your Access Card!)

Cheers to all,

Hope to see you all there!

哈囉Usyd TSA 和 Chopsticks Members...

【免費美食品嚐】忙碌的上午過後,想享用免費的午餐嗎? Chopsticks和 Usyd TSA(雪梨台灣同學會)會在USU舉辦的"FUNCH"(free-lunch)活動中為大家免費供應各式各樣的美味包子!叉燒包,豆沙包,香菇包,紅燒豬肉+炸雞餡兒的割包/刈包(一種台灣特色包類小吃,圖片請自行google一下XD),等等......你想吃的經典口味都有!這週三下課後,帶著你的朋友一起來吧!

Access 卡:免費
沒有Access卡: $6